Entertainment Risk Consulting

Production Safety and Risk Services to help you identify and control risk in entertainment - film and television.


Risk Control Review of Scripts and Treatments to Identify Risk and Recommend Precautions

Risk Assessments for Hazardous Activities, Remote Locations and Adverse/Severe Weather

Country Risk Reports to help identify Crime, Terrorism, Disease and Health Care Risks and recommend risk control measures.

Safety Programs for United States, Canada, U.K., European Union, Australia and New Zealand.

Contingency Plans for Natural Disasters, Security Emergencies and Medical Evacuation

Onsite Safety Consulting

Liaison with Regulatory Authorities

Accident Investigation

Advice on Resumption of Production Following a Loss
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Chris Palmer

Chris Palmer has been a risk professional since 1986 with progressive experience in loss control, safety and risk management. He helps clients in the entertainment industry identify and control risk.

Advising the entertainment industry for more than 27 years, he is considered an authority on film and television production risk.   

He utilizes his unique skill set to analyze direct and indirect causes of loss, prepare risk assessments, provide onsite safety consultation, conduct accident investigations and prepare safety programs for the United States, Canada, U.K., European Union, Australia and New Zealand.   He assists clients with safety, regulatory compliance, contingency planning and disaster recovery plans.  

He has advised clients in the fields of filmed entertainment, theatrical production, professional and collegiate sports, gaming, hospitality, special events, music tours and festivals.

Chris has advised hundreds of documentaries, film and television productions in more than 40 countries including Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Columbia, Namibia, Jordan, Morocco, Iraq, Mexico, Thailand, Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Fiji and the United Kingdom.   He has experience with and working knowledge of global safety program requirements in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the EU countries.  

Recent projects include Greenland, The Aeronauts, Hightown,  The Outsider, Vida, and The Deputy.

He has worked on projects for Disney, Fox, HBO, MGM/United Artists, Paramount, Working Title, STARZ, Amazon, Netflix and a host of independent producers.

Notable productions include Category 5/The Hurricane Heist, Power, Traffic, Flyboys, Behind Enemy Lines, Tomorrow Never Dies (007), White Squall, Olympus Has Fallen, Tree of Life,  X Men, Sahara, The World is Not Enough (007), O Brother Where Art Thou?, Windtalkers, Hart’s War, The Legend of Bagger Vance, The Sopranos, Law and Order, The Thin Red Line, Deadwood, Six Feet Under, and Carnivale.

He has developed, implemented and supervised hurricane contingency and recovery operations for productions in Mexico, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.  He has extensive experience with hurricane risk mitigation, contingency and recovery planning.  His risk control and risk management skills have been critical in securing coverage for challenging risks and obtaining the best underwriting terms.  His expertise has helped clients secure specialist insurance coverage such as Kidnap/Ransom/Extortion, Political Risk, Terrorism and War Risk.

A specialist in challenging and austere environments, he has advised clients in locales ranging from remote Pacific islands to the deserts in North Africa, preparing contingency plans for medical evacuation, natural disaster, and security evacuation.

Chris successfully advised clients operating in high-threat environments including Lebanon, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Brazil, South Africa and Iraq.  

He has taught risk management seminars at the Directors Guild of America, American Film Institute and UCLA Film School.  He has been a featured speaker at many industry events including International Film Finance Summit, RIMS Entertainment section and the Mexican American Chamber of Commerce.

A pioneer in reality television safety, he has advised numerous reality television series and awards shows including Stranded with a Million Dollars, Scared Famous, Bigfoot $10 Million Bounty, BET Honors, MTV Video Music Awards, BET Awards, Fear Factor (seasons 1-3), Fantasy Factory, Silent Library, Kids Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards 2009-2011, Spike Scream Awards, and Spike Video Game Awards – all with exemplary loss experience.

OSHA 30 Certified, OSHA Fall Protection Competent Person, NRA Range Safety Officer

He has been featured in dozens of articles for publications including Slate, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, New York Times, Daily Telegraph (UK), Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Business Journal.  He has also been a guest on National Public Radio programs “The Business” and “GeoQuiz”.